ATS Logistic Sp. z o.o. develops and supplies to its customers a full package of services related to new vehicles.

ATS Logistic was founded in December 1999. We offer transport services in both rail and road, which allow the transportation of vehicles from factories or large transhipment terminals directly to dealers. We provide a wide range of services concerning PDI and storage for the dealers as well as for the vehicle manufacturers. Moreover, ATS offer is complemented by IT services associated with the stored vehicles, adapted each time to the requirements of our clients. We offer customs services which enable a full service for cars transported outside the EU.

STS Logistic has become the owner of 50% of Joint Venture shares in ATS Logistic.

After purchase, the shareholders are:
BLG Logistics - 50%
STS Logistic - 50%

It opens new development opportunities on the Polish market.

PDI hall

We provide comprehensive technical services, pre-sale inspections, mechanical repairs, bodywork, paint renovation, etc. More than 1,000 m2 of workshop surface.


We possess about 60 trucks of our partner, the company BLG AutoTerminal Gdańsk Sp. z o.o.


Thanks to our principal shareholder, the company DB Schenker Rail Automotive we dispose of the largest fleet of railway carriage in Europe which is specialized in car transport.

Warehouse storage

Surface: 115000m2

Capacity: 4200 units

3 railway tracks
  • Hardened pavement
  • Railway provided with ramp slopes
  • The facility to receiving simultaneously 3 block trains and 20 car transporters
  • Terminal is protected 24 hours by a professional security company
  • CCTV – based on a system of 14 cameras with video recording
  • Compliance with ISO standards

Services on the terminal:

1. Quality control

2. Car Body Shop

3. PDI services

4. Waxing and dewaxing

5. Technical services

6. Installation of additional equipment

7. Tire sales and vulcanization service

8. Air conditioning service